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American Express OPEN Start Booming Campaign

In 2009, American Express OPEN noticed that the challenging economy had taken a tremendous toll on small business owners and left them reeling from a bad case of recession fatigue. OPEN recognized an opportunity to help re-energize these business owners and designed the new Booming campaign that would celebrate small business resilience and stand for the spirit of reinvention, innovation and ultimately, success. Just two months into its launch, the interactive campaign exceeded all expectations, enhancing brand awareness and improving brand perceptions, and yielding improvement in product and services enrollment.

Brand: American Express OPEN
Client: American Express Company
Agency: CP+B

American Express OPEN Forum

As the division of American Express exclusively dedicated to the success of small businesses, OPEN? has been serving businesses for over 20 years. But in these challenging times, we reached beyond our core Card business to assure business owners: 'we're here to help'. Inspired by the power of the entrepreneurial spirit and business owners' desire to learn, connect, and expand, we transformed and re-launched our proprietary website to create a powerful online community of premium content, networking opportunities, and marketing exposure to help business owners thrive.

Brand: American Express OPEN
Client: American Express Company
Agency: CP+B

What's Your Story?

Citi Cards created a unifying brand platform to drive usage. The insight came from customers -their bill statements were like a diary of experiences. The big idea was the things people buy with their Citi Card help create the stories of their lives. A multi-channel approach launched the campaign. Tracking showed that Citi outperformed all competitors (all with longer established campaigns) and beat the category average on key metrics. After the first year, overall Citi Card usage increased by 8.4%.

Brand: Citi
Client: Citigroup Inc.
Agency: Publicis

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