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Just Keeps Getting Better

Nokia, once the most popular phone brand but now not TOM, had to be reignited. It did so by using its main functional differentiator: All Nokia smartphones come with pure Android experience. While all competitors are ruled by planned obsolescence, Nokia smartphones get better the more and longer you use them. To communicate this, we poked at the reality of the category and brought a data-driven approach to highlight its brand idea. The campaign achieved a 19.38% increase in purchase intent and 23.67% in sales.

Brand: Nokia
Client: HMD Nokia
Agency: Wunderman Dubai

Three Minutes

Seen as a premium yet distant foreign brand, Apple wanted to build deep emotional connection with Chinese consumers in a distinct and meaningful way at CNY. To establish the brand’s human values behind the innovative technology, we celebrated precious family reunion moments through the film “Three Minutes” shot entirely on iPhone X. The film reached 138 million views during the holidays and made headlines as “setting a new standard for advertising.”

Brand: Apple Inc.
Client: Apple Inc.
Agency: Media Arts Lab
Language: Chinese

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Bold Shorties

Brand: Samsung India
Client: Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Agency: Cheil India
Language: English

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