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Bright Ideas

In a cutthroat industry, filled with some of the highest-profile marketers on the planet, a virtually unknown Midwest distilling company invented and introduced a new category of hip, flavored vodkas. Those same vodkas were then put into the hands of Gen Y, supported by an entirely new way of communicating with a seemingly untouchable and fickle group of consumers. This effort resulted in the first national brand in the company's 90 year history.

Brand: UV Vodka
Client: Phillips Distilling Company
Agency: OLSON

Lose the Carbs, Not the Taste

Michelob Ultra successfully introduced the concept of low carbohydrate beer. In doing so Michelob Ultra gave new life to the Michelob brand. The brand was positioned not as low calorie beer but as a fashion and fitness beer.

Brand: Michelob Ultra
Client: Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Agency: DDB Chicago

Miles Away From Other Light Beers

Corona Light is a uniquely self-assured relaxed light beer in a sea of brown-bottled beers. The campaign "Miles Away From Other Light Beers" creatively distinguishes Corona Light from the competition by offering an escape from the claustrophobic, posturing, self-conscious world of brown-bottled light beers. With each medium, we sought to juxtapose our creative message with the big three's advertising. Our media and creative strategy along with our resilient sales force allowed us to exceed our expectation of increasing advertising awareness, trial and sales.

Brand: Corona Light
Client: The Gambrinus Company
Agency: The Richards Group

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