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Hard Day

The "Hard Day" campaign was developed for mike's hard lemonade to take this product out of the world of wine coolers, into the more viable world of beer, and the men who drink it. To defend against big competitors coming into the category, our advertising had to provide a permanent foundation for mike's as the only hard lemonade. The success of our efforts was measured against four quantitative criteria: raise national total brand awareness 8-10 percentage points (from 56% to 65-66%), increase case sales 34%, make the product more acceptable to men in mean attribute ratings, and become 1% of the beer category. To meet these aggressive objectives, the media plan and creative were executed against an affinities strategy, which spoke to the shared beer behavior and emotions within our target group of men 21 to 50.

Brand: Mike's Hard Lemonade
Client: Mike's Hard Lemonade, Co.
Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners

Greetings from Telluride

Following a 19% decline in skier visits and an increasing skew toward single, lower-spending extreme skiers, Telluride marketing management challenged Thomas & Perkins to attract skiing families to this hard-to-get -to destination ski resort. for the first time in ski industry history, "ski moms" were targeted; they did the research and planning for their families' ski vacations and recommended where to go. This Ski mom doesn't want the expected experience typified by fast food, outlet malls and faux western towns, but rather participation with her family in a unique, unspoiled cultural experience. "Greeting from Telluride" advertising and website campaign increased skier-visits 8% and helped telluride realize its best year in history.

Brand: Telluride
Client: Telluride Ski & Golf Company
Agency: Thomas & Perkins

Stay Pure

The "Stay Pure" campaign was aimed at generating awareness of the Sauza brand of tequila and differentiating it from the dominant category leader. By clearly portraying the Sauza experience as more sophisticated, stylish and consistent with target audience values and lifestyles, the campaign resulted in substantial volume gains and was successful in creating a distinctive image for the brand.

Brand: Sauza
Client: Allied Domecq Spirits & Wines, USA
Agency: Bates USA

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