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Anything Goes

Kahlua's "Anything Goes" campaign was created to boldly challenge the existing perception and usage of Kahlua among a key segment of 21-29 year-olds, The Vanguard of Social Drinkers. The campaign brings a contemporary, fun image to Kahlua-based drinks by linking the target's value of individuality and diversity to the versatility of Kahlua. "Anything Goes" is deliciously unconventional and a sales success.

Brand: Kahlua
Client: Allied Domecq Spirits & Wines, USA
Agency: BBDO Chicago

Open Up

Facing a steady decline of market share since the mid 1980's, Bolla Wines of Italy was challenged to reverse the sales decline and increase brand value among consumers and the trade. Repositioning the brand as the "true and trusted Italian wine" and integrating the positioning throughout all communications sent sales soaring to an 18 percent increase, shattering the 1 million case mark, and leading Bolla to be named "Comeback Brand of the Year" by Beverage Dynamics Magazine.

Brand: Bolla
Client: Brown-Forman
Agency: Carmichael Lynch

The Beer Drinker's Light Beer

Amstel Light, a brand historically with a modest budget and limited awareness beyond the East coast, had many challenges to overcome. Due to its significantly higher price point, Amstel had earned a "badge-brand" status and was perceived as a "special occasion" beer purchased in bars or restaurants, rather than for consumption in one's own home. Despite this, Amstel Light enjoyed a leadership position in the Imported Light beer segment, but as more Imported beer marketers began to introduce light versions of their products it became evident that a more aggressive and integrated marketing approach was needed for Amstel to maintain dominance. Thus, the humorous "Beer Drinker's Light Beer" campaign was introduced in an effort to reinforce the brand image and establish an emotional bond, grounded in product benefit, between Amstel Light and the consumer.

Brand: Amstel Light
Agency: Lowe Lintas & Partners

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2019_co_2019_e-572-634_hero_1 BUDWEISER "Damas Y Caballeros, El Rey Está Aquí".

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