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Jaguar's new XJ Series represented the brand's first new product since 1987. It had to succeed in the face of heavily advertised product launched from Lexus and BMW. Jaguar's strategy was to create demand for the cars based on the strength of the brand's core values, rather than through aggressive lease pricing. The campaign positioned the new car as the "retro-lutionary" new Jaguar--i.e., a return to classic styling combined with advancements in quality.

Brand: Jaguar
Client: Jaguar Cars, Inc.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

It's Nice to Know It's There

The campaign was designed to regain a competitive leadership role in the compact SUV Market by raising consumer image, opinion and consideration levels. Positioning the vehicle as a durable, secure SUV that offers excellent ride and handling, while executionally focusing on key benefits, ultimately led to the success of the Chevy Blazer campaign.

Brand: Chevrolet
Client: General Motors
Agency: Campbell-Ewald

Timing Is Everything/MYE Honda '95 Clearance

Based on Account Planning Customer insights we determined that the best way to increase sales of the existing inventory was to reward consumers for being smart and waiting until "clearance time" to get the care they've wanted all year long--a Honda.

Brand: Honda
Client: American Honda Motor Co.
Agency: RPA

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