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Good Homes

We set several goals for the "Good Homes" Campaign-Launch the program in a way that leverages its point of difference in the category, maintain and image consistent with the Jaguar brand, drive showroom traffic levels, and meet Jaguar's sales objectives. This campaign achieved each one of these goals and set a standard of excellence in this new category.

Brand: Jaguar Select Edition
Client: Jaguar Cars, Inc.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide


To introduce the Z3 roadster to America, Fallon McElligott and BMW teamed up with MGM/United Artists and the release of the James Bond Film GoldenEye to create one of the most talked about launches in automotive history. The campaign went beyond traditional product placement and leveraged the Bond association with a fully intergrated marketing communications plan announcing that "James Bond is driving a BMW." Despite its limited budget (afraction of those supporting major automotive launches), the campaign created unprecedented awareness and talk value, and generated pre-orders for the car that nearly doubled BMW's goal. As a result, the BMW Z3 roadster is setting the pace for a new generation of roadsters in America.

Brand: BMW
Client: BMW of North America, Inc.
Agency: Fallon McElligott


To generate showroom traffic and grow the franchise, the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Group needed to change price perceptions of the C-Class 220. This challenge was met with a direct affordability campaign delivered in a style that was commensurate with the Mercedes-Benz Image. The "Couples" campaign effectively accomplished all of these goals.

Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Client: Tri State Mercedes-Benz IDG
Agency: Gotham Inc.

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