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Just as original as the original

Brand: Dodge Caravan
Client: Chrysler LLC
Agency: BBDO Detroit

Find your own road

In Order to complete effectivily, Saab needed a distinctive positioning that would deliver tangible satisfaction across both functional product attributes and emotional consumer needs. The key was to present Saab as a car for people who live unfettered by social convention, who don't want to join the club and don't choose a car in order to send the right signals to the nieghbors. This led to a strategy which leveraged the brand's heritage of bieng different by positioning Saab as "the Uninhibitedly different brand choice among premium automobiles." Find your own road became a captivating means of both turning the brand's quirkiness into a positive consumer benefit and capturing the spirit of its drivers.

Brand: Saab
Client: Saab Cars USA, Inc.
Agency: Angotti, Thomas, Hedge, Inc.


After year's of bad PR and worse advertising by previous agency, to reposition one of Chicogo's oldest and largest auto dealer's family-oriented, inviting and customer satisfaction driven in order to conquest new business and increase volume.

Brand: Joe Rizza Enterprises
Client: Joe Rizza Enterprises
Agency: Rodi Platcow Malin Advertising, Inc.

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