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How Money Becomes Wealth

The overall goal for Barron's was to relaunch the publication with its existing superior editorial product but with a new, contemporary design in order to attract new readers and advertisers. The challenge was to find a meaningful way of doing so with a limited budget and an intense competitive environment. The solution was to make the advertising a reflection of the product itself--still intelligent and authoritative, but now fresher and more contemporary. The result was a witty, sophisticated and visually arresting campaign that positioned Barron's as the ultimate tool with which to attain wealth.

Brand: Barron's
Client: Dow Jones and Company, Inc.
Agency: Angotti, Thomas, Hedge, Inc.

The Rules Have Changed

The Dodge Ram Pickup launch campaign effectively positioned the new truck as a bold break in full-size pickup design & thinking. It created a new image for Dodge trucks and helped the brand to once again become a significant competitor in the pickup market by promoting the truck as a superior choice for work or personal use vs. Ford & Chevy.

Brand: Dodge Ram
Client: Dodge Division of Chrysler Corporation
Agency: BBDO Detroit

The Most Fun A Dollar Can Buy

Georgia's population narrowly passed a state lottery referendum (52% to 48%), and its success hinged on the promise that most of the profits would supplement educational funds within the state. The referendum's weak support was also a function of instituting gambling in a Bible Belt state. The creative strategy focused on emphasizing the entertainment value of the lottery, "The Most Fun A Dollar Can Buy". The Georgia Lottery Corporation's revenue goal for Instant, Cash 3 and Lotto sales was $463 million, with $139 million going toward educational programs. At the end of the GLC's first fiscal year, sales had reached $1.1 billion with $360 million going toward educational programs.

Brand: Georgia Lottery
Client: Georgia Lottery Corporation
Agency: Austin Kelley Advertising

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