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The Nissan 200SXLaunch. The Sports Car For Today's World.

What do you do when you have a conservatively styled car in an arena driven by a fun and sportiness and you have limited funds? You legitimize the car through advertising that breaks through the clutter and established your vehicle as a real contender. The result? Incremental sales, incremental profit and awareness levels that are unheard of as this level of launch investment.

Brand: Nissan 200SX
Client: Nissan North America
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day

Perfect World

In 1993 General Motors launched the California Value Selling program to reverse their market share decline in the state. Research indicated that GM's share of buyers under 45 and declined dramatically and that the company's CSI scores were lowest in California. The California Value Selling program was developed to convince consumers that the company is doing business in a new and better way. The CVS program has helped incremental sales of nearly 10,000 cars and trucks and sales in California are now significantly outpacing GM's national performance.

Brand: General Motors
Client: General Motors
Agency: Highway One Communication

Drivers Wanted

With Volkswagen, our job really is to reconnect the brand with people; to make Volkswagen meaningful in people's lives once again. With the average new car prospect only shopping three or four models, our communications need to focus on getting Volkswagen on the short list of consideration. To accomplish this, we are repositioning VW to stand for German-engineering that invigorated rather than smothers the driver, and that makes a statement of individuality against an increasingly homogenized look-alike field of automobiles. We believe that on the road of life there are passengers and there are drivers and that VW is a brand for drivers.

Brand: Volkswagen
Client: Volkswagen of America, Inc.
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

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