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The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



Alice, speak, I say!

Voice traffic is still an important area for telecom operators in the era of Internet proposals. “Beeline” decided to focus on the tariff "VSEmoe!" with free calls. How to emphasize the value of real live communication in Internet where everybody communicate online? In cooperation with “Yandex” we were able to reprogram the standard behavior of Alice and achieved that the voice assistant for the first time in its history talked to users about a third-party product in a typical manner. Demonstrating success of this integration, we have opened a new communication channel for other advertisers and optimized budget.

Brand: Beeline
Client: VimpelCom PJSC
Agency: Contrapunto

4/20 High-Atus

Hatched from the insight that 4/20 celebrations would be spent binge-watching, our idea got 4/20 friendlies to cure their munchies at Wingstop. Inspired by the old cinema snack bars’ animated jingle, “Let’s All Go to the Lobby,” and the infamously repetitive commercials on services like Hulu and YouTube, we created our own repetitive video, serving multiple, sequential messages that got pregressively tripper and encouraged people to take a break from chillin’ and cure their crave, resulting in Wingstop's most successful 4/20 ever.

Brand: Wingstop
Client: Wingstop
Agency: Starcom

Inconvenience Stores - Turning an everyday errand, into another reason to ride.

In the era of customer centricity and ease, the last thing you would expect from an insurance brand would be to make things inconvenient for their customers… But that’s what Swann Insurance did to disrupt the category and deliver profitable market share. By creating ‘Inconvenience Stores’ in the middle of nowhere yet at the end of some of Australia’s most epic rides, Swann Insurance gave riders a ‘reason to ride’ and demonstrated to motorcyclists that they understood them and their need to feel free on the open road. By flipping the notion of convenience in a way our customers understood; Swann Insurance drove a 52.2% increase in revenue within a flat market with a profit ROI of 453%.

Brand: Swann Insurance
Client: Swann Insurance
Agency: CHE Proximity

2019_ru_2019_2441_hero_1 Street Stars Digital show Street Stars with street musicians
2019_rs_2019_e-206-724_hero_1 Munchmallow Munchmallow - Priča za sebe
2019_me_2019_e-3723-522_hero_1 Gerber Every Baby is a Gerber Baby: Sparking a Global Dialogue on Inclusion

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