Media Idea

The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



Valio Lemmy - Kriisistä maailmanlaajuiseksi sisällöksi.

Brand: Valio maito
Client: Valio Oy
Agency: hasan & partners Oy

A new media model to transform a brand that sucks

A brand that sucks finds sweet success - finding growth, brand relevance and an identity after years of stagnation - with a new model designed for the new age of communications.

Brand: Jolly Rancher
Client: The Hershey Company
Agency: Anomaly

La última llamada

Brand: Corporación del Trasplante
Client: Corporación del Trasplante
Agency: Raya

2018_sg_2018_19_hero_1 Grab JustGrab - The Real-Time Campaign to Introduce Dynamic Fixed Upfront Fares
2018_me_2018_e-2768-580_hero_1 United States Postal Service The Most Wonderful Ornament
2017_au_2017_43_hero_1 Snickers Hungerithm: The angrier the Internet, the cheaper the Snickers

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