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The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



El día que las mujeres dejaron el set

Las mujeres dominicanas están sumergidas en la rutina pasando desapercibido la salud sin tomar en cuenta el chequeo y autoexamen de mama para un diagnostico a tiempo. Con el movimiento social, obtuvimos reacción inmediata impactando más de 1,000,000 de personas en Facebook y más de 500,000 interacciones en RRSS. En Instagram, logramos 604 acciones más 2,954 views. En 29 días, el video se difundió en 32 medios locales, alcanzando en un día 60% de las televidentes y, sobre todo, 3,700 visitas en nuestros consultorios, demostrando que cualquier momento es correcto.

Brand: La Sirena
Client: Grupo Ramos
Agency: Pagés BBDO

Anticipating Hungry Moments

To drive McDelivery orders this World Cup season, McDonald’s, OMD Hong Kong and Google have come together to reach excited football fans when they are most hungry. Through the market-first application of Google’s Real-Time Trigger with a Data Management Platform (DMP), McDonald’s can anticipate the “hungry moments” during matches ahead of the competition and entice fans with their favourite menu items.

Brand: McDonald's (McDelivery)
Client: McDonald's Hong Kong
Agency: OMD (Hong Kong)

Eclipse = ekiss (Eclipse Occasion Campaign)

To grow Eclipse's penetration among tech-savvy, mobile-heavy younger group, we need to create a reason for consumption. 
Hong Kongers are still conservative about kissing in public. We therefore capitalised "dating" and came up with Eclipse = 易KISS campaign.
We created “Google Kissing Map” that people could refer to. We activated a game on social platform, created funny video contents on how-to exploit kissing opportunities. Hijacking kissing scenes on OTT TV platforms helped reinforcing the message.
易KISS campaign enabled couples to have a fresh romantic kiss, reflected by +5% volume growth.

Brand: Eclipse
Client: Mars Company Hong Kong Limited
Agency: MediaCom Hong Kong

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