New Product or Service

Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.



PictureMate Holiday Launch Campaign

Although Epson was late to the 4X6 category, it still had high goals of gaining substantial market share and creating immediate demand and purchase interest. Positioning PictureMate as "the easiest way to free your photos from the prison of the digital camera" was a novel strategy. Combined with compelling creative, it yielded excellent results: 21% market share, No. 1-selling printer in the category, with 87% incidence of increased purchase interest.

Brand: Epson
Client: Epson America
Agency: DDB Los Angeles


A new snack nut brand called Emerald Nuts has three months to establish a name for themselves in California. When research reveals that rational messages about nuts bore consumers to tears, traditional messaging is ditched in favor of a pure challenger brand strategy focused on simple name recognition and creating a clear alternative to Planter's. The result is a memorable, silly campaign that works wonders in creating a highly engaging new brand, exceeding market share goals and securing national distribution and a national launch for Emerald Nuts.

Brand: Emerald Nuts
Client: Diamond of California
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Ted Launch - Denver

In the fall of 2004, United set out to launch a new low-cost carrier--a move that was critical to both staving off the competitive upstarts and helping the company emerge from Chapter 11. In just six short weeks, Fallon devised a teaser/reveal plan, featuring over 40 guerilla tactics (like mysteriously spelling out the new airline's name in a farmer's field) and numerous paid media placements (including bus sides, billboards, and even personal ads). The response was enormous, garnering over 175 million PR impressions both locally and nationally, despite the campaign only running in Denver.

Brand: Ted
Client: United Airlines Corporation
Agency: Fallon Worldwide

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