New Product or Service

Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.



Axe Detailer: The Manly Shower Tool

Axe shower gel faced a challenge that communications alone couldn't solve. While guys loved the brand, they were still using their grandpa's bar soap, and nothing could get them to give it up. So the brand invented a new kind of product to turn Axe shower gel into a Trojan Horse that rendered bars obsolete: the first manly shower tool. Called the Detailer, it was introduced in a cheeky carwash-themed campaign. It's now the best-selling product in the entire Axe portfolio and has helped lift Unilever's shower gel sales by 17%.

Brand: AXE
Client: Unilever
Agency: BBH

Wii Would Like to Play

The video game industry built walls around itself, desperately keeping its most ardent users in, while inadvertently shutting casual and non-gamers out. Enter Wii: Nintendo's revolutionary product designed to make gaming accessible for everyone. Instead of embracing an obvious strategy, namely fawning over the prized teenage male gamer, Wii targeted his mom, dad and grandmother. While our competition catered to a narrow audience, Wii invited everyone to play. The result? Wiis have been sold out nationwide since launch and ignited a cultural phenomenon in how people experience video games.

Brand: Nintendo
Client: Nintendo of America
Agency: Leo Burnett USA

Marathons Are...Cute

In 2006, The North Face, a brand not known for footwear, set out to gain distribution for a new line of endurance shoes. With Dean Karnazes, poster boy for endurance running, we created a historic expedition to demonstrate the boundaries of human endurance: The North Face Endurance 50. The implausible and never-before-attempted, jaw-dropping 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days helped propel The North Face's endurance business by 208% between 2006 and 2008, an 832% increase over goal.

Brand: The North Face
Client: The North Face
Agency: DDB, Seattle

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