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This category is for communications that promote corporations, not exclusively their products. Includes sponsorships, image & identity.  




Andersen Consulting's Image campaign communicates in a relevant and compelling way their ability to offer top management a holistic solution to business challenges. The goals of this campaign were to build brand awareness, increase advertising awareness, instill an in depth understanding of Andersen's holistic vision and thereby differentiate Andersen from key competitors who have larger advertising budgets and more narrowly focused messaging.

Brand: Andersen Consulting
Client: Andersen Consulting
Agency: Young & Rubicam

Kodak Corporate Branding Campaign: Tall Tales

The twoTall Tales commercials (Pie Plate :60, Gremlin :60) weave the use of Kodak digital and film products throughout a fantastic "tall tale" as told through the eyes of a teenager. "PiePlate' tells the tale of a kid who takes a pictue of his dad, but notices a speck by his dad's ear. When he digitally enlarges the photo at a Kodack store, he meets a man in a trenchcoat who gets the picture on PhotoCD and insists that the speck isn't really a UFO. When the kid puts the picture on the Internet, the man comes to the Kid's house with several other men who are suddenly beamed up to an alien spacecraft before they reach the kid's door. "Gremlin" is a Tall tale about a kid who takes a picture of his Gremlin car. He shows his picture of the Internet to a "Grem Diggin" fin named Liska", while his dad crashes into his car in the driveway, An insurance man takes a digital picture of the damaged car and orders a replacement part on-line from Cowboy Bob, who shows up on the Kid's doorstep and offers to buy the car with just enough money for the kid to fly to Findland.

Brand: Kodak
Client: Eastman Kodak Company
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

Lucent Technologies Introductory Corporate Branding Campaign

The campaign's purpose was to establish Lucent as a new company, communicate what they do and why people should do business with them. We've succeeded in establishing a distinct brand personality for Lucent. Positives from the AT&T heritage have been preserved, while negatives have been replaced, Our results-from Lucent's stock price to out leaps in awareness-testify to the fact that we've met the challenge of launching a new company.

Brand: Lucent Technologies
Client: Lucent Technologies, Inc.
Agency: McCann-Erickson New York

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