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Vip Kinoteka

Vip Kinoteka je savremenom brendu posvećenom digitalnim tehnologijama dodala emotivnu vrednost i povezala ga sa očuvanjem kinematografske kulturne baštine od nacionalnog značaja. Pokazali smo da savremeno i tradicionalno ne samo da idu zajedno, već su i neodvojivi koncepti. U uslovima prekida desetogodišnjeg, nacionalno prepoznatljivog sponzorstva, zahvaljujući ovom projektu, kompanija je ostvarila novo sponzorstvo, još prilagođenije svojoj digitalnoj orijentaciji. Porast broja korporativnih objava za Vip mobile za 47.5% u odnosu na 2017. godinu, na šta je presudno uticao odličan publicitet projekt Vip Kinoteka.

Brand: Vip Kinoteka
Client: Vip Mobile
Agency: Executive Group


While revitalizing its HACER scholarship program, McDonald’s discovered a deep-seeded cultural barrier keeping Hispanic GenZers from applying to scholarships: the need for support beyond money. It’s not that Hispanic students don’t need it but, being the first in their family to apply for college, they also need guidance on the complex process. McDonald’s re-imagined HACER into a resource center guiding applicants on their journey.  After the change, HACER achieved application levels never seen in the program’s 30-year history, and a bump in McDonald’s reputation as a supporter of Hispanic education. 

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's
Agency: Alma DDB


With McDonald’s steady growth in sales and guest counts in 2017, there was a need to attract 20% more potential staff. Faced with preconceptions about the difficulty of work in McDonald’s, the challenge was to create a campaign that would both appeal to potential employees and improve the overall perception of McDonald’s as an employer. By celebrating real-life stories of McDonald’s employees through a full media campaign, supported by a continuous digital platform, we managed to significantly increase the number of job applicants, as well as improve the brand perception.

Brand: Employee
Client: McDonald's
Agency: LUNA TBWA Beograd

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