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In recent years the Internet has entered a new chapter, sometimes called Web 2.0. This change has had profound implications for Cisco. The company's extraordinary success in the late nineties with the first chapter of the Internet had made it synonymous with Internet hardware. Though Cisco was helping lead the next wave of the Internet revolution, the brand was not receiving credit for its role. The challenge in 2006 was clear: How to reposition Cisco's brand to help it catch up with the rapidly increasing footprint of Cisco's business?

Brand: Cisco
Client: Cisco Systems
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Prepare and Protect America

The devastating hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005 left Americans reeling. It became clear that the biggest catastrophe our nation faced was not being prepared for the next one. Yet no company was willing to publicly advocate a viable, long-term solution to this problem - except Allstate. Allstate led a public dialogue around a plan to better prepare and protect America from natural catastrophes. Campaign results included: a significant increase in website visits, organizations embraced the cause and joined a coalition, and insurance industry press coverage was visibility more balanced.

Brand: Allstate
Client: Allstate Insurance Company
Agency: Leo Burnett USA

Real Issues

To drive reputation and advocacy amongst the global energy influentials - those who determine the exploration, extraction and delivery of energy around the world - Chevron successfully repositioned the corporate brand as a forward-thinking and collaborative industry leader. The campaign did this by facing up to the real energy issues that concerned the audience - issues that were being ducked by the competition - and encouraging a collaborative response. Research showed an increase in Chevron reputation metrics amongst those who had seen the campaign. Chevron's industry standing grew. Advocacy increased by 127%.

Brand: Chevron
Client: Chevron Corporation
Agency: Young & Rubicam New York

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