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This category is for communications that promote corporations, not exclusively their products. Includes sponsorships, image & identity.  



"Let's Build A Smarter Planet"

As IBM reached its Centennial, ensuring strong results was essential, so the task for communications was to Turn Mindshare into Market Share. IBMs Smarter Planet Agenda is a true example of a companys strategic direction in perfect alignment with its marketing, and now that agenda needed to become tangible and actionable: we needed to show The Smarter Planet is Now. Presenting this unified vision across every channel and touch-point, we step-changed perceptions and drove a 37% increase in revenue, with a campaign that paid back media dollars 10x in profit.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM Corporation
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Sponsors of Tomorrow

Our challenge was to get Intel talked about, and ultimately, make the brand relevant to everyday consumers. To accomplish this, we decided to show people across the globe that Intel is much more than 'just a big chip company'. Utilizing a variety of traditional and not-so-traditional media, our 'Sponsors of Tomorrow' campaign demonstrated that the smart, quirky people at Intel are creating the future with mind-blowing, world-changing technologies. Upon launch, 'Sponsors of Tomorrow' was met with tremendous social media and PR buzz - an impressive feat for a previously invisible brand.

Brand: Intel
Client: Intel Corporation
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners


United Technologies is a 58 billion dollar company that few people knew about. We needed to get Wall Street investors to take notice of this solid diversified industrial in a way that would inspire them to research, recommend and purchase United Technologies stock- with serious levels of investment. The 'Cross Section' campaign appeals to the dormant little boy in our investor by surrounding him with elaborate and breath-taking cross-sections of the technology, financial success and 'big cool things' that make up United Technologies.

Brand: United Technologies
Client: United Technologies Corporation
Agency: DDB New York

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