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Recognizing brands that are making the world a better place by using the power of their communications platforms for "good."  This category celebrates for-profit brand efforts that effectively combined business goals with a social cause (he



It Can Wait: The Faces of Distracted Driving

The dangers of distracted driving are well-known, but this compulsive behavior remains prevalent. To create change, we needed to spark strong emotions.  We harnessed the power of data, partnering with behavioral scientists to build an in-market learning engine to, first, identify the most effective emotion at changing behavior, and second, optimize creative for maximum impact. This approach revealed empathy was the most effective emotion, and allowed us to identify and optimize an execution that maximized empathetic response. Using data to fuel emotional storytelling, we drove huge shifts towards safer driving.

Brand: AT&T It Can Wait
Client: AT&T
Agency: BBDO New York

Jane Walker: Walking Towards Gender Equality in America

As a brand that believes progress is possible and beneficial for all, Johnnie Walker felt it had a responsibility to support those forging the future of America. In 2018, women were the ones shaping a better tomorrow for our country. We bravely seized Women’s History Month by introducing Jane Walker to celebrate the achievements of women, the men supporting them, and their shared journey towards gender equality. In doing so, we ignited a cultural conversation with 1.5 billion earned impressions in the first week.

Brand: Johnnie Walker
Client: Diageo North America
Agency: Anomaly

Una Tarjeta sin techo para Techo

Teníamos que diseñar una acción que generara donaciones para la ONG “Techo” y, al mismo tiempo, reforzar el propósito de la marca: impulsar las micro-economías de las familias argentinas. Por eso, le ofrecimos aumentarle el límite de financiación a aquellos clientes que colaboraran suscribiéndose a un plan de donaciones mensuales para Techo.Gracias a la iniciativa se aumentaron las suscripciones de donadores mensuales a la ONG Techo en 24,5%. Asimismo, la eficacia de la iniciativa se evidencia en el payback del proyecto: sólo 2,1 meses para la recuperación de la inversión total.

Brand: Tarjeta Cencosud
Client: Cencosud
Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires

2019_pos_2019_e-3846-872_hero_1 United States Postal Service Operation Santa
2019_pos_2019_e-4430-197_hero_1 WNBA Take a Seat, Take a Stand
2018_pos_2018_e-2411-070_hero_1 Bayer Aspirin Bayer Aspirin - Making Heroes of Us All

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