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Ask the Cloud

We needed Chief Technology Officers to raise their hands for a conversation with a Google Cloud Expert, and we needed to do it in a “Googley” way. What’s more Googley than Google Cloud itself? By leveraging AI, we sent prospects a Google Home device hacked with Google Cloud knowledge so that they could ask the cloud-related questions they’re too afraid to ask anyone else. This product demo inside of a product demo achieved a 16% response rate—almost unheard of in B2B—and 1,853 qualified leads worth a potential $235M.

Brand: Google Cloud
Client: Google Cloud
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.

Know What Your Data Knows

IT decision makers didn’t see Google Cloud as an enterprise-ready solution. So through a partnership with the NCAA, we used March Madness to showcase the Cloud’s AI-prowess—creating the ultimate product demonstration, on live TV. The campaign drove a 13% lift in unaided brand awareness, 11% increase in consideration, 91% rise in product interest, 30% new site visits, and 42% more Google Cloud searches, with positive impact on pipeline. We proved to IT decision makers that Google Cloud could solve complex business challenges by turning real-time data into hyper-relevant insights.

Brand: Google Cloud
Client: Google Cloud
Agency: Eleven, Inc.

Goonj by Telenor Pakistan

Due to company policies, we cannot publish any company data. 

Brand: Goonj by Telenor Pakistan
Client: Telenor Pakistan
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan

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