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More Than Just Your Pet

The goal of "More Than Just Your Pet" was to raise the emotional stakes of flea and tick protection in the face of a new competitive product launch. The strategy was to elevate consumer perception of flea/tick protection beyond simply animal health to include the overall health of your family and home. We successfully blunted the new competitive threat and achieved record sales levels and share growth as a result.

Brand: Frontline Plus
Client: Merial
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Proud Mom

Purina Beneful, as the first new dry dog food brand in over ten years, had many hurdles to climb when it launched in June 2001. The dog food category was highly fragmented, mature and relatively flat. Beneful needed to quickly establish itself as the one brand that had emotional relevance to involved dog owners and which satisfied their dual needs for taste and nutrition. Within two years the Beneful campaign has exceeded every objective and Beneful has become the third most popular dog food formula (as measured in IRI) in the United States, without ever discounting or couponing.

Brand: Purina Beneful
Client: Nestl Purina PetCare Company
Agency: Fallon Worldwide


The pet food aisle is a marketing battlefield where consumers had been conditioned to buy on the price and palatability. Iams entry into grocery had to change the game and convince the pet loving population that a food could make their pet healthier, and their relationship with their four footed family member stronger. In order to meet the aggressive share goals, this one time "specialty store only brand" had to build significant brand awareness with a message powerful enough to get consumers to pay a substantial premium.

Brand: Iams
Client: Iams Company
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

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