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Spoil Your Dog Healthy

Iams successfully launched its new Savory Sauce by understanding that the consumer is first and foremost a pet parent and then surrounded the target with the idea of "Spoil Your Dog Healthy." This campaign exceeded awareness and trial goals, gained big support among core category influencers (retailers, vets and breeders) and grew the gravy category to 40 times its original size.

Brand: Iams
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Sophisticated Food for Sophisticated Dogs

In order to build a strong and loyal customer base, Cesar had to convince small dog owners, who are so into their dogs that they normally cook homemade meals for them, that Cesar was a luxury, gourmet food good enough for their dogs. The campaign combines a TV spot demonstrating the quality of Cesar Food for Dogs by making the point that it is so good you'll think it's human food and print executions that used celebrities as aspirational testimonials. Results from the campaign have been phenomenal and surpasses all goals with gross sales volume increased growth of 19%, intent to purchase at a 3% increase and an all-time high market share of 10.1%.

Brand: Cesar
Client: Masterfoods USA , Marc Inc.
Agency: BBDO West

The Difference is Wheat

The campaign objective for Swheat Scoop natural wheat cat litter was to double dollar sales volume by increasing movement in existing accounts and adding new points of distribution. The "difference is wheat" advertising campaign helped achieve this objective by stimulating consumer awareness and trial, while providing the trade with a solid rationale to stock Swheat Scoop over other alternative litters. The entire media budget for both consumer and trade advertising totaled $750,000. By the end of the period, actual sales revenue surged 105% ahead of the prior year, existing account sales grew by 85%, and distribution beyond the traditional pet store channel (supermarkets, natural food stores and mass merchants) increased significantly.

Brand: Swheat Scoop
Client: Pet Care Systems, Inc.
Agency: Matrix Partners

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