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What do you feed the head of the household. Only the best.

With the primary objective of contributing significantly to the profitability of Kal Kan by establishing a new segment and a solid brand within it, the introduction of CESAR Select Dinners Combined national consumer print advertising, television in select markets, consumer promotion and exclusive sponsorships to communicate with a highly involved target.

Brand: Cesar
Client: Kal Kan Foods, Inc.
Agency: BBDO West

If it's anything less than Tidy Cat, you'll know.

In pursuit of short-term advantage, and exacerbated by frequent price promotion, cat litter had become a commodity market. In order to build a long term brand advantage Tidy Cat appropriated the core category benefit, superior odor control and its emotional corollary confidence in the face of outsiders entering the home. This allowed Tidy Cat to grow in share of mind as well as share of market, in particularly in scooping litter which represents higher margins and is a faster growing category.

Brand: Tidy Cat
Client: Nestl Purina PetCare Company
Agency: Fallon McElligott Berlin

Back to her old self

The goal of the campaign was to successfully launch new Rimadyl, the first non-steroidal anti-inflammatory developed for dogs to provide relief from the pain of arthritis. We also had to establish and build the category, and educate dog owners about the signs of arthritis so they would be motivated to discuss Rimadyl with their veterinarians. We wanted to position Rimadyl as not just a pain relief pill but as a product that could give their dog back the joy of movement and get her back to her old self.

Brand: Rimadyl
Client: Pfizer Inc.
Agency: Colle+McVoy

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