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Flea Free Convenience

The Flea Free Convenience campaign evloved the character of the appealing, animated "Henry" dog who promoted PROGRAM in 1995. In 1996, "Molly" the cat was introduced. The campaign strategy focusses on the differentiating benefit of the convenience of administering PROGRAM over the myraid other traditional flea control options. The campaign goals were to grow the Brand by continuing to change consumer purchase patterns by driving them to the veterinary clinic for flea control products. Simultaneously, an additional goal was to introduce PROGRAM for cats.

Client: Ciba Animal Health
Agency: Earle Palmer Brown


The PEDIGREE Pyramid campaign was to establish the nutritional high ground for PEDIGREE Dry. The pyramid campaign was similar to the Federal Food and Drug Adminstration's human food nutritional pyramid that tied spe cific nutritional elements back to brand attributes and benefits for the pet.

Brand: PEDIGREE Brand Food For Dogs
Client: Kal Kan Foods, Inc.
Agency: Grey Advertising Western Division

Purina Dog Chow "Every Day"

This campaign represents a startlingly simple change in advertising strategy that propelled Purina Dow Chow to its first consistent volume growth in more than a decade. Consumer insights led us to conclude that Dog Chow's biggest opportunity for increased sales was increasing loyalty from its occasional users. The "Dog Chow Every Day" message challenged consumers' conventional wisdom: that their dogs wanted variety as much as we humans do. The resulting sales increases contributed to $35.6MM in incremental revenue.

Brand: Purina Dog Chow
Client: Nestl Purina PetCare Company
Agency: Fallon McElligott

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