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Delivery: Overnight delivery, package tracking, international service, etc. Office:Printers, copiers, supplies, office furniture, etc.




To launch the new "The UPS Store" brand we needed to get consumers "to break a bad habit": packing and shipping with the U.S. Post Office. Our campaign helped switch U.S. Post Office customer's to The UPS Store by highlighting the brand's superior customer service, leading to significant increases in unaided brand awareness and Holiday 2003 sales volume.

Brand: The UPS Store
Client: Mail Boxes Etc.
Agency: Doner

What Can Brown Do For You?

UPS needed to evolve from a ground shipping company to a comprehensive strategic partner. They needed to be re-energized for those that knew them and reinvented for those that did not. UPS the brand needed to catch up with UPS the company. "What Can Brown Do For You?" has catapulted UPS once again into the limelight. Profits are up in key business units, the brand has engaged new audiences and the power of "Brown" is being felt from the mailroom to the boardroom.

Brand: UPS
Client: UPS
Agency: The Martin Agency


The digital copier/printer market is a $24 billion, highly competitive market with many brands competing for share. It is made up of six key segments defined by the number of pages printed per minute. Each segment has multiple targets because the decision process, which is quite complex, requires involvement and approval from many areas in the organization. Canon was a leader in four of the six segments and wanted to challenge Xerox for leadership in all segments. We uncovered a universal truth about copier/printer decision-makers. People wanted recognition for making the "right" decision. The "Rewards" campaign humorously demonstrated the recognition our customers could achieve by making the "right" decision by choosing Canon. Canon is now the brand leader across all segments.

Brand: Canon
Client: Canon USA, Inc.
Agency: DCA Advertising

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