Office & Delivery

Delivery: Overnight delivery, package tracking, international service, etc. Office:Printers, copiers, supplies, office furniture, etc.




The White Board campaign set out to establish UPS as being more than just a shipping company by focusing on some of the more surprising capabilities they offer. The campaign explains individual services in a very simple, straightforward way to drive sales of these products. By focusing on the services individually we are showing consumers exactly what UPS can do beyond shipping, and answering the question, "What Can Brown Do For You?" The campaign was successful in driving brand awareness and exceeding sales goals of targeted products.

Brand: UPS
Client: UPS
Agency: The Martin Agency

The Easy Button

Staples' overall goal was to distinguish itself in a category where consumers donít see much difference among retailers. In addition, Staples needed to generate an increase in sales and income and increase overall brand-recall scores based on brand-tracking research results. This campaign helped Staples accomplish these results in addition to reinforcing the brand messaging, which helped the chain hold its leadership position in this competitive category.

Brand: Staples
Client: Staples. Inc.
Agency: McCann Erickson


This campaign was intended to launch a fledgling brand into a stable marketplace dominated by two super brands. Communications objectives were awareness, consideration and trial generation to drive significant revenue. Unaided awareness jumped nearly 100%, consideration by more than 60%, and the campaign helped grow revenue 38% in the first month.

Brand: DHL
Client: DHL Express (USA) Inc.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather New York

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