Office & Delivery

Delivery: Overnight delivery, package tracking, international service, etc. Office:Printers, copiers, supplies, office furniture, etc.



Bold Expressions

Sharpie had a dominant share of the category (74%), but the brand was stagnant. There was no momentum or energy behind the brand. Consumer perception was based on one product and problem, pervious advertising failed to carve out an emotional consumer insight: using a Sharpie to make a lasting impression and inviting consumers to "Write Out Loud" with their range of products. As a result, Sharpie was able to increase total sales incrementally versus YAG (+27.5%) by driving growth of new and existing products.

Brand: Sharpie
Client: Sanford Corporation
Agency: McCann Erickson

Real Help

To motivate consumers to pack and ship their holiday packages with Mail Boxes Etc., the brand appealed to frustrated customers who were dissatisfied with packing and shipping with the U.S. Post Office. These "Busy Shippers" wanted "real help" from an expert like one of the Mail Boxes Etc. owner/operators. The "Real Help" Holiday Campaign led to unprecedented pack and ship revenue for the brand.

Brand: Mail Boxes Etc.
Client: Mail Boxes Etc.
Agency: Doner


One of the most vital partners for an e-business in the new economy is its shipping. While FedEx owned the position of gold standard shipping in the off-line world they needed to extend this positioning to the on-line world. In a highly competitive market FedEx needed to create an advertising campaign that clearly established it as the leading choice for on-line delivery systems.

Brand: FedEx
Client: FedEx Corp.
Agency: BBDO

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