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Now It's Canon

The "Now It's Canon" campaign for the Canon EOS System has been succesfulin positioning Canon as the new leader in 35mm photograhy. The campaign has influenced all camera purchasers, in general, in their positive perception of Canon and has resulted in significant volume growth for all Camera Division products.

Brand: Canon
Client: Canon USA, Inc.
Agency: Grey New York

Kids Are Different

The Kids Are Different campaign positions Fuji film as the advanced file of today, right for a different and changing world. Through its colorful and kid-filled executions, Fujifilm planned to increased its advertising awareness and its sales--while competing against an industry giant. Successful on both fronts, Fujifilm has seeded the notion the "Kids are different today." And asks question, "So, why are you taking pictures of them with the same old film?"

Brand: Fujifilm
Client: Fuji Photo Film USA, Inc.
Agency: Angotti, Thomas, Hedge, Inc.

Max Relaunch Campaign

The objective of the Max Relaunch campaign was to successfully establish Max as a viable product in the fine art marketplace by increasing awareness and encouraging trial via a sample offer, as well as in-store purchases. Specifically, we positioned Max Grumbacher as the only high quality professional oil paint that is so easy to clean up that all you need is soap and water. This product news was supported by it's breakthrough patented formula that allows oil paint users to avoid the hassles of cleaning up with toxic solvents like turpentine. The results were outstanding; 1995 sales are up 96%(+140% versus objective) and 800 number calls since July 25, 1994 when the campaign broke are approximately 34,500(+140% above objective).

Brand: Max Grumbacher Artists' Oil Color
Client: Koh-I-Noor, Inc.
Agency: Allen & Gerritsen, Inc.

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