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Play It Loud

The "Play It Loud" campaign was developed to improve Nintendo's image among teens and to help them regain share leadership. The campaign spoke to kids in a relevant and contemporary way - in their own language, on their own terms. Play It Loud has allowed Nintendo to recapture share leadership and gain the number one position in video game sales.

Brand: Nintendo
Client: Nintendo of America
Agency: Leo Burnett USA

Olympic Brand Advertising Campaign

Olympic Stain Brand, struggling to maintain sales volume in a market declining rapidly had to reposition itself to meet the demands of an evolving market and re-establish its credibility with the trade in order to meet its aggressive brand awareness and sales objectives. Using as mix of consumer and trade advertising and new merchandising systems, Olympic was able to redefine its Brand image, expand its distribution and smash its share and sales goals.

Brand: Olympic
Client: Olympic Stain/PPG Architectural Finishes
Agency: Mintz & Hoke Communications Group


The McWorld campaign reversed five years of McDonald's tween (Kids 8-13) share decline in a highly competitive market. Recognizing that tweens are no longer motivated by Happy Meals and Ronald McDonald, McWorld was designed to re-define the McDonald's experience and make it more relevant to tweens.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's Corporation
Agency: Leo Burnett USA

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