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Make It A Bud Light

Bud Light not only competes in a flat category but has overcome an all-out creative and media onslaught from its key competition. By using an inclusive, universal, and humorous creative strategy. Bud Light was able to spend less on media and production, hold higher pricing while maintaining its #1 category position and actually lengthening its edge on the competition.

Brand: Bud Light
Client: Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Agency: DDB Chicago

Body Shots

Sauza Gold aimed to break Cuervo's stranglehold on the standard tequila segment by offering the trade a long awaiting choice. The "Body Shots" campaign positioned Sauza Gold as the sensual tequila by leveraging familiarity of the body shots phenomenon and coupling it with the artistic richness of black and white photography. The goals, and subsequent results of this campaign, were to grow volume in Texas gain the support of the trade in stocking and promoting Sauza Gold, supplant Cuervo from key accounts and events and to energize the sales force and trade about the Sauza Gold brand.

Brand: Sauza Gould
Client: Domecq Importers, Inc.
Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners


We were challenged with how to effectively establish Belvedere within the highly competitive vodka category. To effectively achieve this we had to meet sales goals, on premise placement goals and establish a new tier within the vodka category. We surpassed these goals through a media plan that defied conventional wisdom and leveraged "discovery", and creative executions based on the "authenticity" of the Belvedere brand.

Brand: Belvedere
Client: Millennium Import Co.
Agency: Clarity Coverdale Fury

2019_do_2019_e-62-486_hero_1 Brugal Libertad de Ser
2019_rs_2019_e-230-812_hero_1 Zaječarsko pšenično Pšenično je Zaječarsko
2019_sg_2019_05_hero_1 Martell NCF The Curious Crew

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