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This Bud's For You

No brand has ever been more important to its brewery in volume or profits that Budweiser and no major beer has ever been turned around once it started slipping. After six years of trying alternative advertising strategies to slow Budweiser's brand erosion, DDB Needham was awarded the challenge. Our change the attitude toward Budweiser by changing the attitude of Budweiser via advertising that is fun and enjoyable to watch. The result...young adults, as well as other, are no more aware of Budweiser as well as more favorable towards Budweiser and brand erosion has slowed and is on its way to being stopped.

Brand: Budweiser
Client: Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Agency: DDB Chicago

Mr. Jenkins

The "Mr. Jenkins" campaign features the character, Mr. Jenkins, as Tanqueray spokesperson, advocate, embodiment. He brings fun to sophisticated settings and sophistication to fun, young settings, all with wisdom, wit, and devilry. He "loosens the tie" of the brand. This campaign enabled us to successfully achieve our goal of revitalizing the brand among young influential drinkers.

Brand: Tanqueray
Client: Diageo (formerly Schieffelin & Somerset)
Agency: Deutsch, Inc.

Make It A Bud Light

The "Make It A Bud Light" campaign's depiction of the funny lengths people will go for a Bud Light delivers on two key consumer criteria: entertainment and relevance. The use of relatable (yet humorously over-the-top) situations/characters allows consumers to associate with the advertising and project themselves into each commercial scenario. This creative enables Bud Light to maintain double digit sales growth within an industry that has had a negative average annual growth rate of -0.8 since 1990.

Brand: Bud Light
Client: Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Agency: DDB Chicago

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