Media Content Partnerships

This category focuses on efforts based on partnerships between a brand and a media owner/platform to create and activate original media content beyond traditional advertising. 




Para septiembre de 2016 las ventas de Poker tenían un déficit de 10 mil millones de pesos vs ese mismo Q en el 2015. Esta es la historia de cómo en un contexto cada vez más ruidoso lleno promociones y pauta intrusiva Poker logró usar las redes sociales para dar un giro en “U” sorprender conectar y movilizar a sus consumidores online y llevarlos a una acción offline recuperando lo perdido y además creciendo 0.5 puntos de share de mercado. ¿La estrategia? Crear una plataforma digital que invitaba a nuestros consumidores a denunciar a sus amigos a una central de riesgo.

Brand: Poker
Client: Bavaria S.A
Agency: DDB Worldwide Colombia

U.S. Army Cryptaris Mission

The U.S. Army needs STEM candidates to achieve today's complex missions, but STEM candidates think they are too smart to enlist in the U.S. Army. So we built desire to join the Army by demonstrating that STEM candidates are held to the same high standards as some of the country's most elite universities. To do this, we created a challenge that only 5% of people who try can successfully complete: a percentage that intentionally mirrors the acceptance rate of the nations most elite universities.

Brand: U.S. Army
Client: U.S. Army
Agency: McCann New York

Pepsi + Empire

To reignite fan excitement around Pepsi's legacy in music we developed an authentic, fiction-meets-reality partnership with Empire that went so deep into the plot storyline that the lines between brand and entertainment were completely blurred. We challenged traditional approaches to media, content, integration and music to create an inimitable Brand story filled with surprise reveals for Empire fans, making them question whether what they were experiencing was a part of the Show, or happening in real life. Ultimately, the partnership generated sales lifts, consumer excitement, and Brand impact for Pepsi.

Brand: PepsiCo
Client: PepsiCo
Agency: OMD

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2018_de_2018_23_hero_1 Allianz Deutschland Weil wir Cars lieben.

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