Media Content Partnerships

This category focuses on efforts based on partnerships between a brand and a media owner/platform to create and activate original media content beyond traditional advertising. 



One Million Acts of Good

For over 75 years, Cheerios had been at the center of America’s breakfast table, but the brand was losing relevance at a time when conversation in America had turned toxic. We endeavored to do our part to make America’s mood – and Cheerios sales – more positive. By partnering with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we rallied America to do and share One Million Acts of Good. The results: sales growth for Cheerios, a sharp spike in viewership for Ellen, and over $1 million dollars donated to those doing the good.

Brand: Cheerios
Client: General Mills
Agency: Mindshare

Dance with McNuggets

McNuggets has been sold over 30 years in Taiwan. Recently, it’s no longer the first choice between youth. By collaborating with TikTok to attract attentions from the young generation, it has not only stimulated the discussion on the social media but directly affected the purchasing decisions. Moreover, the collaboration drives the sales growth of McNuggets.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: Prospect Hospitality Co.,Ltd.
Agency: Popcorn Digital Information Co., Ltd.

Hay un BOT en el Museo

The average visitor to the museum spends less than 30 "in front of a work. The museum is quickly visited with the sole purpose of publishing a photo on the networks. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone has the phone in their hands, we created a chatbot in messenger (Facebook). Thus, the MAMBA had one of its works interact with the visitors, making it respond to the curiosities that arose. For the first time, visitors and work dialogued.El visitante promedio del museo pasa menos de 30” frente a una obra. Se recorre el museo rápidamente con el único objetivo de publicar una foto en las redes. Aprovechando que todos llevan el teléfono en la mano, creamos un chatbot en messenger (Facebook). Así, el MAMBA hizo interactuar a una de sus obras con los visitantes, haciendo que la misma responda las curiosidades que surgían. Por primera vez, visitantes y obra dialogaron.

Brand: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Client: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Agency: BBDO Argentina

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