Media Innovation - Existing Channel

This award showcases those who have the insight and creativity to change the way a particular media channel is consumed. 



Reword: Changing Online Bullying Behaviour

Bullying has moved from schoolyards to social media, but kids don’t realize the effect their words can have. So, we created Reword, the first real-time alert for online bullying. Using a red strikethrough to prompt young people to reconsider abusive language, Reword helps develop their moral compass by teaching them to self-regulate hurtful comments before hitting send. Within six weeks, the tool was installed on 150,000+ computers; 84% of insults were reworded; and most significantly, we saw a 67% reduction in bullying behavior per user. Reword is creating a new generation that respects each other – online and in real life.

Brand: headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Client: headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Agency: Leo Burnett


Brand: Comex
Client: Comex
Agency: Google/The Zoo

Support The Plans Of Our Customers By Putting Them Into Stainless Steel

Brand: BCP
Client: Banco De Credito Del Peru
Agency: Circus Grey Peru SAC

2018_sg_2018_13_hero_1 Holiday Inn Little Big Travellers: Millenial Parents' Guide To Travel
2018_uk_2018_e-259-115_hero_1 Freeview Using TV like TV
2018_me_2018_e-3141-041_hero_1 SNICKERS A 36-Hour Live Stream Teasing A 30-Second Live Super Bowl Commercial

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