This is an award for rebirth campaigns. To enter your brand must have experienced a downturn of more than one year and a period of at least six months of upturn sales.



"You're Not You When You're Hungry"

After years of narrowly-focused communications and significant competitive pressure, SNICKERS(R) found itself in trouble. To reinvigorate the brand we went back to its roots as a hunger solution. The "You're Not You When You're Hungry"campaign tapped into the simple truth that when you're hungry, you're not yourself and SNICKERS(R) can help sort you out. The idea touched all mediums and has achieved goals of driving volume sales, household penetration and reestablishing SNICKERS(R) within pop culture as a guys brand that EVERYONE feels they can be a part of.

Client: Mars Chocolate North America
Agency: BBDO New York

Happiness Is Simple

Lay's is an iconic American brand that has historically dominated the snack category. But in recent years Lay's had become stagnant amidst perceptions it was the poster child for junk food. The 'Happiness is Simple' campaign flipped misperceptions about the product and reignited consumers' love affair with the Lay's brand.

Brand: Lay's
Client: Frito-Lay North America
Agency: Juniper Park

Damn Right

In the 1960s and '70s, Canadian Club was the No. 1 whisky in America. But now Canadian Club is as untrendy as a brand could be. Guys say scornfully, "That's what my Dad drank." To get people to rethink Canadian Club, the brand first had to get them to rethink their dads. So the campaign coupled vintage photographs and provocative sentiments to reveal that Dads and their drinks were actually the height of cool. The brand's sales grew for the first time in 16 years.

Brand: Canadian Club
Client: Beam Global Spirits & Wine
Agency: Energy BBDO

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