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Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.



Espacios Buscan Personas

Ciencuadras es un portal colombiano que ofrece la búsqueda de inmuebles para venta o alquiler. Esta es la historia de cómo una campaña integrada de comunicación, logró en menos de 3 meses, incrementar en un 7.000% el tráfico de visitas a nuestra página, así como mejorar varios indicadores claves de recordación y conversión de la compañía. 

Brand: Espacios Buscan Personas - Ciencuadras
Client: Ciencuadras
Agency: DDB Colombia

The Year Banking Changed

Banking in KSA is conservative, with the same players offering similar services. So when STC, a company with no finance record, launched STC Pay, it needed to be bold. We told people to “Forget the Past”. Timely contextual messages invited people to adapt paying methods to their lifestyle. Then, we won over traditional merchants by showing fintech’s advantages, educated the less tech savvy, and facilitated the expat community’s transaction needs. STC Pay became a household name, and we penetrated, and shook up, one of the hardest categories in the market.

Brand: Saudi Telecom Company
Client: Saudi Telecom Company
Agency: J.Walter Thompson

Another Mind

By allowing the youth to take full control of both our product and our campaign, we managed to turn our business around, significantly impacting sales and brand image. 

Brand: Demagh Tanya
Client: Etisalat Misr
Agency: FP7/CAI

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