New Product or Service

Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.




Brand: MometaHEXAL
Client: HEXAL
Agency: Serviceplan Health & Life

The taste of eating the world

Brand: Papas Sabritas®
Client: PepsiCo México
Agency: BBDO México

Zatecke Noviny

Launch of new beer brand Zatecky. The brand which derived and built its' strength on reference to region of city Zatec, product based on unique hop Saas and comms platform - News from Zatec (Zatecke Noviny). It won hearts and throats of many Poles and during just 10 months reached spectacular level of 120 th. HL of sold beer.

Brand: Zatecky Svetly Lezak
Client: Carlsberg Polska
Agency: Initiative

2019_us_2019_e-3707-257_hero_1 High & Mighty High & Mighty Launch
2019_us_2019_e-3526-290_hero_1 Heinz Launch Heinz Mayonnaise By Igniting Mayochup Mayhem
2018_au_2018_48_hero_1 Google Home Google Home: A little help at home goes a long way

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