New Product or Service

Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.



Amigos De Whatsapp

Para revertir un inicio de año negativo e incrementar un 5% las ventas durante el mes de marzo de 2018, Poker "hackeó" la red de comunicación más importante para los jóvenes usándola como medio de invitación para generar encuentros entre amigos: WhatsApp. En vez de regalar bajo las tapas carros, viajes, o dinero, regalamos los amigos que todos quisiéramos tener, logrando un incremento en ventas del 12,5% en tan solo dos meses.

Brand: Amigos de WhatsApp
Client: Bavaria
Agency: DDB Colombia

Gigs for steps!

How to make a sharp turn in the brand image towards the direction of an active and advanced operator in a short period of time?Offer a unique service, which has no analogues on the market!Beeline launches a service that allows subscribers to change regular physical activity to free Internet.We need to tell about the service in a simple way, and most importantly not to scare away the mass audience, since healthy lifestyle is often perceived as "something fashionable, but not for me”.We needed a step out of the ordinary."Gigs for steps" - we said!

Brand: Beeline
Client: VimpelCom PJSC
Agency: Contrapunto

Vkusomagiya, come true! An exceptional curd come true!

How to enter the market of dairy products for school children with healthy curds if children don’t like healthy food and competitors offer a great variety of products? To create something so surprising that a child not only agrees to eat it, but also wants to play with it. That’s how Vkusomagiya curds appeared: they consist of two layers that, mixed together by a child, create an unexpected third flavor. Did children like the curds? Even more than we expected: in 3 months we managed to get a 20% share of the segment and double the preference of the brand.

Brand: Chudo detki
Client: PepsiCo Holdings LLC
Agency: Rodnaya Rech

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