New Product or Service

Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.



Getting Indians to #LiveThere

Brand: Airbnb India Private Limited
Client: Airbnb India Private Limited
Agency: TBWA \ India

Biovital Complex

Biovital reached its limit for growth. The brand's future depended on new and younger consumers. That's why a new product variant has been introduced - Biovital C omplex. Biovital C omplex communication illustrated that despite popular beliefs it doesn't take much to feel full of positive energy. A simple creative idea and a credible brand ambassador Urszula Dudziak who is worthy of imitation produced results. The new sub-brand managed to build distribution in a short amount of time and achieve high sales. By doing so the whole Biovital brand gained.

Brand: Biovital Complex
Client: Egis Polska
Agency: Mediacom Warszawa

This is not a shaver. This is OneBlade

The OneBlade is a response to new consumer needs. Trends in the category are shaped by Milennials and we wanted to direct this new product to them. Our goal was to enter a new category without losses in the more expensive categories. Based on local consumer surveys, we adjusted the most effective benefits and built new communication, which resulted in a spectacular launch success. We exceeded our sales targets twice, avoided cannibalization completely and gained almost a quarter of the market in the newly-built distribution channel!

Brand: Philips OneBlade
Client: Philips
Agency: Labcon

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Blog_image Movistar Seguro de Pantalla

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