New Product or Service

Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.



The first ryazhenka for kids

Children should have everything their own, ryazhenka should also be their own, made only for them. “Agusha” brand takes care of children's health and launch the first baby ryazhenka, specially designed for children. Ryazhenka has a classic “melted” taste and is suitable for children from 8 months. But we went even further and developed a product with strawberry and blueberry puree which babies love: unique flavors for ryazhenka on the market.

Brand: Agusha
Client: PepsiCo Holdings LLC
Agency: Rodnaya Rech

Evotor Smart Terminals Start Up for a New Audience

Evotor offers smart terminals with a cloud apps store since 2016. In 2018, the online cash register was made mandatory for trade and catering small businesses, previously exempted from using cash registers. To earn the loyalty of potential customers with minimal product knowledge, we launched a digital campaign based on audience buying and consistent communication. The task was 100% successful: entrepreneurs came to the sales points with a specific request for the Evotor terminal, and we showed the fastest growth in the market, just within 4 months 185 thousand devices have been sold — 19% of the total market size.

Brand: Evotor
Client: Evotor
Agency: JAMI

Países Hermanos

Colombiana decidió recordarle a todo el territorio nacional que antes de ser ciudadanos de un lugar: somos personas, y que por esa razón, durante un tiempo, dejaríamos de ser colombianos, y seríamos: Países Hermanos. Una edición especial que invitaba a los colombianos a compartirla con un venezolano, y que convirtió nuestras botellas en un medio para demostrar que, así como podemos compartir nuestra gaseosa, podemos compartir nuestro territorio.

Brand: Postobon - Colombiana
Client: Postobón S.A

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