Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)



Tales of Tough

Brand: Panadol
Client: GlaxoSmithKline
Agency: Wunderman MENA

Museum of Old Computers

How to convince people to change, when the habit is stronger than rational arguments? Strangely enough it can be done by switching on negative – instead of positive emotions. Bringing to life the Museum of old computers – a metaphor for a place where many devices from Polish homes could be found – we managed to increase the sales by 56% more for convertible/detachable devices than the previous year. During this period the whole laptops market decreased by 11%. Moreover, in terms of sales value, promoted devices with Windows surpassed that of archrival Apple.

Brand: Microsoft
Client: Microsoft
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi IS

Mini Babybel

To shift perceptions from a nice little cheese to a cool healthy snack, and increase sales across Europe, Mini Babybel needed to convince mothers on naturality and engage kids aged 8-12 yo on fun. Mini Babybels unique personality was embodied through an exciting creative platform: the –Supercheese” campaign resonated with kids and mums audiences, turning the –98% of milk” into a superpower and the red wax into an endeless source of entertainment. The campaign delivered growth in all European countries and naturality and funs perception improved among our targets.

Brand: Babybel
Client: Bel
Agency: Y&R Paris

2018_bg_2018_003_hero_1 Gourmenitsa Super Rural Performance
2018_eu_2018_e-65-240_hero_1 M&M's M&M's Christmas
2018_in_2018_21_hero_1 Multi Brand Campaign KKD - Khushiyon Ki Doli (Palanquin of Happiness)

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