Data-driven media is the application of data and technology to identify and match the right audiences to the right message at the right moments.



Creating Media Faster than the Flu

When you’re a cold and flu brand, your media needs to move quicker than a germ can turn into a sniffle. By using data in a new way, we were able to create media that moved faster than the flu, so that wherever the flu hit, Theraflu was top of mind and front of shelf.

Brand: Theraflu
Client: GSK
Agency: PHD

Oreo Tmall's Super Brand Day

Oreo re-vamped the 2017 Music Box to DJ box in 2018, announcing it exclusively on Tmall’s Super Brand Day. Through celebrity endorsement, product innovation, and the great success of 2017 Super Brand Day, Oreo bridged the gap between e-commerce and social media by passion points-based & data-informed consumer aggregation, differentiated channel tailored segmentations, and real-time re-targeting. Significant purchase conversion & Media ROI are easily recognized, resulting in media ROI gain enhancement vs. last year, historical record high online biscuit market share.

Brand: OREO
Client: Mondelez International
Agency: BAOZUN

Live Unboxed: Precision Marketing

The Smartphone category is a red ocean space with blurring differentiation. Galaxy S8’s post-launch campaign was Samsung’s first-ever data-driven campaign using programmatic at its core, with precisely engineered content targeting diverse audiences to drive conversion. One phone, over 9,000 targeted messages to segmented audiences customized to specific contexts, driving phenomenal results - 28X purchase intent KPIs.

Brand: Samsung Mobile
Client: Samsung Asia Pte Ltd
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Singapore

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