Data-driven media is the application of data and technology to identify and match the right audiences to the right message at the right moments.



Let's Move On

Brand: U by Kotex
Client: Kimberly Clark Australia
Agency: Ogilvy Australia

How questioning the unquestionable breathed new life into Canadian Club

Brand: Canadian Club
Client: Beam Suntory
Agency: The Monkeys

Moving from 6 to 3: How Mitsubishi is having the time of its life

Brand: Mitsubishi Motors
Client: Mitsubishi Motors
Agency: Richards Rose

2018_sg_2018_22_hero_1 Income Play It Safe - Data Driven Travel Haikus
2018_me_2018_e-2699-949_hero_1 Canadian Down Syndrome Society Down Syndrome Answers
2018_au_2018_67_hero_1 Australian Bureau of Statistics In Australia's hands: Finding power in the middle ground to drive participation in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

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