Data-driven media is the application of data and technology to identify and match the right audiences to the right message at the right moments.



Good Different: How ALDI defied gravity by going long.

Brand: Aldi
Client: Aldi Australia
Agency: BMF

How Officeworks outsmarted the competition over the back-to-school season

Over the back-to-school season, Officeworks wasn’t just a smarter store choice—it also delivered a smarter campaign. A combined approach of brand building and sales activation, implemented together with an Australian media first, drove us to commercial success. Key products sold out faster than was forecast, and Officeworks grew sales by an impressive XXX far outweighing the 2.1% growth in the wider retail sector.1 This campaign not only delivered impressive short-term effects; it also shows how going beyond just simple product and price messaging during a trade period is more effective, and positively impacts brand perception.

Brand: Officeworks
Client: Officeworks
Agency: AJF Partnership

Creating Media Faster than the Flu

When you’re a cold and flu brand, your media needs to move quicker than a germ can turn into a sniffle.  By using data in a new way, we were able to create media that moved faster than the flu, so that wherever the flu hit, Theraflu was top of mind and front of shelf.  

Brand: Theraflu
Client: GSK
Agency: PHD

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