Shopper Marketing: Omni-Channel Shopper Experience

This category is not for efforts that focused on TV or print to connect with an audience.  In-store, online, customer service, loyalty programs, mobile apps, delivery services, social media, aisle disruption… it could entail anything.



Family Caregiving Club

We tripled Depend distribution by masterminding a 360-degree Family Caregiving Club program for a unique audience—caregiving members in stores but not the incontinence section. Through a seamless suite of in-store, out-of-store, online, on-pack, in-pack and Pharmacy tools, we surrounded the caregiver member with expert advice, curated caregiving content, samples and savings. The convenient, end-to-end experience of our “one-stop support shop” helped alleviate some of the complexity of “care shopping” and brought caregiving members back to Sam’s Club for Depend and other health and wellness essentials for their loved ones.

Brand: Depend
Client: Kimberly-Clark
Agency: KC ShopperConnect

Strangewich Challenge

Even though mayonnaise is a sandwich essential and sandwiches are the most eaten item in America, sales of Hellmann’s at Walmart were flat. Rather than deliver predictable recipe ideas from famous chefs, we engaged Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - a NASCAR hero with a reputation for making strange sandwiches. By bringing Dale and Walmart busy families together to make ‘Strangewich’ creations, we grew sales and encouraged kids to create whatever they could imagine and share their creations on social media - and then eat them, too! The only limit, their imagination.

Brand: Hellmann's
Client: Unilever
Agency: Team Unilever Shopper

OREO Walmart World Record Dunk

We brought people together on the busiest shopping day at Walmart to dunk OREO Cookies with the possibility of setting a new World Record. Igniting shoppers’ dormant love for OREO Cookies by creating an experience that rallies around the innate behavior of dunking OREO Cookies. We secured our place in history with the Longest Cookie Dunking Relay title held by Walmart and OREO, brought people together and increased sales for OREO Cookies and the overall cookie category at Walmart.

Brand: OREO Cookies
Client: Mondelez International
Agency: Geometry Global

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