Shopper Marketing: Omni-Channel Shopper Experience

This category is not for efforts that focused on TV or print to connect with an audience.  In-store, online, customer service, loyalty programs, mobile apps, delivery services, social media, aisle disruption… it could entail anything.



Diageo Pretty Simple Drinks

In 2017, shoppers bought way more wine and beer, and way fewer Diageo spirits. Why? Because even though spirit shoppers wanted to serve beautiful cocktails during at-home gatherings, the intimidation and complexity of cocktails was causing them to switch to wine and beer in-store. That’s why we developed an omni-channel program with five Diageo brands– showing just how easy it is to create Instagram-worthy cocktails in under 60 seconds. Ultimately, we provided shoppers with all the ingredients, education, and inspiration needed to make Pretty. Simple. Drinks.

Brand: Diageo
Client: Diageo North America
Agency: TracyLocke

Top Your RITZ

While RITZ Crackers are a longtime staple for rich-tasting holiday entertaining recipes, millennials were failing to see the brand’s relevance come Spring and bypassing the cracker aisle in search of lighter, fresh fare. RITZ Crackers needed to redefine cracker usage to include more casual, spur-of-the-moment springtime gatherings. Leveraging social content and retailer-specific mobile experiences, the RITZ brand told a versatility story that inspired different uses of RITZ Crackers (whether topped, dipped or eaten unadorned), partner solutions and consumption occasions. RITZ Crackers ultimately redefined perceptions withthis tech-driven younger audience.

Brand: RITZ Cracker
Client: Mondelez International
Agency: Geometry

Lowes Foods Pair Your RITZ

Lowes Foods shoppers believed a national brand like RITZ Crackers was incompatible with their love for local tastes. Additionally, the brand’s focus on ornate, Pinterest-worthy, home-entertaining recipes was alienating to many, namely men and women who yearned for a simple snack that matched their down-to-earth lifestyles. By showing them how the many flavors of RITZ Crackers could be a surprising, yet welcome companion to the craft beers available at The Beer Den, we established a brand new occasion for RITZ Crackers and drove exploration within the portfolio. 

Brand: RITZ Cracker
Client: Mondelez International
Agency: Geometry

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