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ED revolution

The goal of the campaign was to reach the demanding target group of Hospital Directors and Heads of ED departments. The campaign achieved spectacular results in terms of conversion (42%) and return on investment (ROMI at 566% level) and helped Philips present itself not only as a supplier of medical equipment, but as a trusted partner that supports hospitals in achieving success in a very difficult undertaking such as modernization of the hospital ward.

Brand: Philips HTS
Client: Philips
Agency: Ogilvy

The Ripple Effect

The brief: put points-based Chase Ink Business Preferred? on the map with small business owners. The problem: to this audience points were meaningless. So instead of making ads about the power of points, we used points to actually make something. Working with a small business owner we co-created The Ripple - a sugary innovation with nothing but points. We fueled its impact, turning it into one of 2016's food crazes. The ripple effect: increased awareness, consideration and sign-ups among small business owners, proving just how powerful points can be.

Brand: Chase Ink
Client: JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Agency: Droga5

This Is My Dish

Brand: Unilever Food Solutions
Client: Unilever China
Agency: SapientRazorfish

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