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Sylvan Moments

To distinguish itself from the competition and to reverse several years of flat or declining revenues, Sylvan Learning Center introduced the "Sylvan Moments" campaign. Rather than relying on "fear of bad grades" as the message, Sylvan instead focused on the inner confidence kids felt after participating in the program. This campaign dramatically ignited inquiry growth, increased revenues, and positively changed perceptions of the brand.

Brand: Sylvan Learning Center
Client: Sylvan Learning Center
Agency: Doner

Q & A

The "Q&A" Campaign showcases Orkin's specialized commercial pest control knowledge and technology through a unique, involving visual presentation.

Brand: Orkin Exterminating
Client: Orkin Exterminating Co., Inc.
Agency: JWT

Credential Verification

ChoicePoint, a recent spin-off of Equifax, provides information and analysis to businesses for the verification of credentials in business relationships - from potential vendors and partners to new hires and prospective insurance policyholders. Today, after an aggressive series of acquisitions and the company's first umbrella brand marketing effort, ChoicePoint is positioned as the leader in this new category of credential verification.

Brand: ChoicePoint
Client: ChoicePoint, Inc.
Agency: Fitzgerald+CO

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