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The end of voice era

The Maestro launch campaign is a case of brand release to a new level without rebranding and re-positioning. This is a revolution without a revolution. We managed to connect PREMIUM and McDONALD'S. This campaign has several levels of efficiency. 1 The launch of the premium platform is an important strategic step that has allowed the business to expand, due to the new segment. 2 The creative idea has given the opportunity not only to bring information about the novelty, but also improved the perception of the brand as a whole. 3 This launch and its implementation have allowed McDonald's to stay in the trend and compete with the hipsters' institutions.

Brand: Vodafone Ukraine
Client: Vodafone Ukraine

Ruffling the Feathers of the Chicken Establishment

The Naked Chicken Chalupa was an all-new product that was sure to turn heads for all the wrong reasons. It was a taco with a shell made entirely out of fried chicken. And we were Taco Bell, a brand known for seasoned beef, nacho cheese and tortillas. What business did we have selling such a bizarre fried chicken product? But by pitting ourselves directly against fried chicken conventions like breasts and drumsticks our launch was successful, outperforming the Taco Bell limited-time-offer (LTO) sales average by 50%.

Brand: Taco Bell
Client: Taco Bell
Agency: Deutsch LA

The McWhopper Proposal

In 2015, Burger King was outspent, underarmed and overwhelmed in the incredibly competitive fast food category. Our idea began with an open letter in the New York Times; a peace offering to our biggest rival. Immediately the McWhopper idea took on a life of its own, making headlines across the country. While the campaign twisted its way through popular culture we continued to stoke the flames with iconic billboard placements, social influencers and a carefully crafted media kit disguised as a website. Although the offer was declined, the campaign was an overwhelming success - shifting all brand measures, selling a truckload of Burgers. Oh, and we helped World Peace, too...

Brand: Burger King
Client: Burger King
Agency: Y&R New Zealand

2018_na_2018_e-3119-235_hero_1 McDonald's The Frork for Signature Crafted Recipes
Blog_image Taco Bell La Era Tacominati
Blog_image McDonald's GCC Big Tasty Online Challenge

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