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Dominos Loves Pizza Hut!

Brand: Pizza Hut
Client: Yum Restaurants Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Group, India

Sorry Not Sorry

If there is one trend in recent years that has disrupted categories, travelled countries and been on every other marketing brief- it’s on healthy living and eating. This is a story about how KFC’s temptation to introduce “healthy chicken” was thankfully tempered by an understanding that it’s more effective to crack open the health hype than it is to join in. By studying frustrations against our junk cravings, KFC introduced their most sinful dish; write one of the spiciest sales stories to proudly bring out inner glutton among disciplined Singaporeans.

Brand: KFC
Client: KFC Singapore
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

Ruffling the Feathers of the Chicken Establishment

The Naked Chicken Chalupa was an all-new product that was sure to turn heads for all the wrong reasons. It was a taco with a shell made entirely out of fried chicken. And we were Taco Bell, a brand known for seasoned beef, nacho cheese and tortillas. What business did we have selling such a bizarre fried chicken product? But by pitting ourselves directly against fried chicken conventions like breasts and drumsticks our launch was successful, outperforming the Taco Bell limited-time-offer (LTO) sales average by 50%.

Brand: Taco Bell
Client: Taco Bell
Agency: Deutsch LA

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