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Gracias, Impaciencia.

Domino’s reaccionó a las nuevas reglas de los domicilios decidiendo que competía no sólo en el microcosmos de las pizzas, sino contra toda la oferta al alcance de cualquier aplicación. Domino's reinventa su comunicación, aprovechando la impaciencia para sacar ventaja de un modelo de negocio único.

Brand: Domino's Pizza
Client: Domino's Pizza
Agency: proximity Colombia

McDonald's Chicken Chapli

It was a tough year for McDonald’s due to restricted budgets, aggressive competition and price wars in the fast food business. Our strategic challenge was to attract new SEC Segments (SEC C) and people from small towns having preference for local food, without alienating the existing customer-base. We ventured into the untapped food category of street food and launched the first ever localized menu product Chapli Burger. A 360-degree campaign infused with Khyber Pakhtunkhawa cultural elements was launched with an intriguing social media stunt, ATL, BTL and Activations.

Brand: McDonald's Chicken Chapali - Launch
Client: McDonald's Pakistan
Agency: Manhattan Communications (Pvt) Ltd

McDonald's Food Trust

Restaurants, including international chains, were being raided and fined because of poor hygiene and food standards making people apprehensive about eating out. We used this concern to our advantage, building confidence in our Food Quality and Hygiene Standards by showing how our food is prepared following stringent hygiene and quality protocols. We leveraged the human insight of on-going mind and heart conflict when it comes to choosing between delicious vs. quality food. The core idea of visualizing the internal conflict resonated with the consumer leading to break through results.

Brand: Food Trust
Client: McDonald's Pakistan
Agency: Manhattan Communications (Pvt) Ltd

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