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Salad Society

For decades, McDonalds has been doing everything they can to prove they are the best burger experts out there. As a result, the idea of getting a salad at McDonalds has become the butt of countless jokes. By recognizing our name was the biggest obstacle to getting Canadians to take our salads seriously, we found an amazing way to launch McDonalds three new salads with tremendous success.

Brand: McDonalds Canada
Client: McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited
Agency: Tribal Worldwide

Jack Takes Late Night

Jack in the Box sales in early 2013 had been flat and then turned negative by the Summer. After taking a beating throughout the recession, we needed a turn-around. The agency identified late night as an opportunity area and developed a differentiated product and experience that played into the Millennial late night mindset. We launched the Late Night Munchie Meal with a quirky twist on the 20-year ad icon, Jack. Late night way surpassed sales goals and doubled past contribution levels to overall sales increases. We stole share from competitors and put Jack on the map at Late Night.

Brand: Jack in the Box
Client: Jack in the Box
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing

The Scarecrow

Chipotle is known for its food, but few know that Chipotle has radically changed the fast food industry. Believing the more people know about Chipotle, the more they will become passionate loyal customers, Chipotle wanted to tell this story. The result: a content-driven marketing platform, "Cultivate a Better World," designed to emotionally engage customers in Chipotle's journey to create a sustainable future. As a continuation of the platform, The Scarecrow game and film were created, generating a conversation about the state of processed food and its effect on our world.

Brand: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Client: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Agency: CAA Marketing

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