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Scratch Scratchcards in milion ways

Thanks to the implemented communication strategy and selected communication channels, the Scratch the Scratchcards in a Million Ways campaign got a wide coverage and achieved its goals. Acquiring a new customer group resulted in an increase in sales, in 2017 brand’s participation in LOTTO’s portfolio reached 24%. During the campaign, the sales grew by 44% (vs the previous month), and the long-term average monthly sales increased by over 34%. Thanks to the strengthening of the image, the increase in the brand recall was higher than expected (from 36% to 43%).

Brand: Scratchcards LOTTO
Client: Totalizator Sportowy
Agency: Apella
Language: Polish

The Truth is Hard to Find

In 2017, with misinformation rampant, The New York Times needed to demonstrate they were an unbiased news source worth paying for. It became clear that The Times’ dogged dedication to uncovering hard truths made it invaluable during these unsettled times. The resulting campaign "The Truth Is ...." worked hard at every level: it put The Times at the center of the conversation about the role of a free press, positioned it as trusted source for deeply-reported journalism, and resulted in the best quarter for subscriber growth in the NYT’s history. 

Brand: The New York Times
Client: The New York Times
Agency: Droga5
Language: English

The launch of a young TV channel’s original show

In July 2017, the Channel launched Cash or Crash, its first original comedy show featuring celebrities. The goal was to turn this brash and unpredictable show into a real TV hit whose share would exceed the Channel average. The communication campaign style was off-the-hook and loud – just like the show itself, which lead to over 555 publications in mass media. On-air, the show received a 2.2% share, which was higher than TNT4 average, while on the Internet Cash or Crash got a whopping 20 million views.

Brand: TNT4 TV Channel
Client: TNT4 TV Channel
Agency: TNT4 TV Channel
Language: English, Russian

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